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Concordia International College

Concordia in Canada

Concordia International College is Canada's premier private college that provides the highest quality academic and career programs to our local and international students in areas of highest need.As we have grown over the years, we have attracted a diligent group of specialized instructors, and developed first-class programs after frequent consultations with experts in each of our program areas.We are also dedicated to all learners at a distance by providing academic excellence in online distance education for students worldwide through appropriate application of leading-edge technologies.

As you enroll in one of Concordia's premier programs, your campus experience will provide a balance of personal, cultural and intellectual challenges. Concordia in Canada offers a wide range of programs for students with the opportunity to engage in flexible and innovative learning opportunities into attaining their personal and educational goals. Our established reputation for excellence prepares them in the workplace of the new millennium. We welcome all learners from every corner of the world who would like to further their education.