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Message from the President

I am very pleased to announce the creation of an exciting new opportunity in education. Concordia International College is offering e-learning courses, which are accessible to students all over the world as well as a variety of courses on campus. Concordia is committed to providing the very best of educational opportunities to assist students in any endeavor.

Education provides stepping-stones to success. Concordia International College students will develop skills and knowledge to pursue many opportunities in today's fastest growing career fields. With employment opportunities becoming more and more competitive, Concordia International College gives students the edge they need to successfully transition into the working world.

Our courses offer value and flexibility with customizable learning technology that adapts to your preferences. Complete class work at the times and places you choose. Obtain quality education from knowledgeable and respected instructors. Receive a unique student-focused learning experience.

I look forward to welcoming you to Concordia International College.

Lecettia Gainer, M.Ed, B.Ed, B.A

Concordia International College