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Diploma in TEC

What is TEC?

TEC (Teaching English to Children) is an official course hosted by Concordia International College for those aiming to become teachers to young children.

Why do I need Diploma in TEC?

Concordia International College TEC course focuses on preparing future teachers for a specific age group of students (namely from age two to twelve) by familiarizing them with teaching methods and the developmental stages of children. TEC Instructors focus on a variety of methodologies, classroom disciplines, and combination of methods to find what approach works best in a TEC classroom.

TEC program will help you get your foot in the door when seeking employment in English Language Teaching and also give you the credentials needed for higher level positions and salaries in the field.

Our goal is that those who have qualified from the Concordia International College TEC course will become proficient and confident English Language Teachers and achieve the career advancement they seek.